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U17G Freestate Fury 93 Team Photos (Colorado 2011)

Seven Falls
Colorado Springs, CO

Called the “Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado,” Seven Falls is located in South Cheyenne Canon and cascades 181 feet in seven distinct waterfalls down a solid cliff of pikes peak granite. There are a total of 224 steps on the staircase from the base of the falls to the peak. The seven separate waterfalls are:

1. Ramona Falls: named after Helen Hunt Jackson’s book Ramona.
2. Feather Falls: named for the way it looks.
3. Bridal Veil Falls: it looks like a bridal veil.
4. Shorty Falls: because of its short drop.
5. Hull Falls: named after the 1880s owner of the falls.
6. Weimer Falls: the name of the second owner of Seven Falls.
7. Hill Falls: Hill is the name of the current owners.

Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs, CO

Garden of the Gods Park is a 1319 acre registered National Natural Landmark. The park was established in 1909, when Charles Perkins' heirs gave 480 acres to the City of Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods is filled with beautiful redrock sandstone formations and is an ecotone (a transition area between different plant communities, such as forest and grassland). The park contains 5 distinct ecosystems as defined by their vegetation.

Aurora Sports Complex
Aurora, Colorado


This 220-acre park features 23 full sized soccer fields and 12 baseball/softball fields.

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